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protecting cover, protecting covering, safety - a covering that is certainly intend to guard from damage or injury; "they'd no safety through the fallout"; "wax offered safety for that floors"

cover (for sb) We are envisioned to cover for one another if another person is absent or is late arriving in the morning.

‘I wandered off into the trees, the daylight pushed in the leafy cover of the trees over my head.’

‘The shuttle's exterior is covered with A large number of tiles built to guard it from the intense heat of re-entry.’

buy/get/consider out cover (for/towards sth) Homeworkers can get insurance plan cover for copiers and faxes but quality charges differ broadly.

cover - bedding that keeps an individual heat in mattress; "he pulled the covers about his head and went to rest"

‘Her region of obligation covers 4 states in the southeastern area of The usa.’

‘I called in a few favours, got some colleagues to clear some of my paperwork and to cover for me, and left the Workplace.’

‘The bombing was most likely a cover for any kidnap attempt, but she wasn't there at the time, so they'd to try once again.’

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‘In retrospect, these were being vintage weasel terms applied routinely by politicians covering them selves.’

‘North Cover Korea can be increase its deployment of Rodong missiles, that have a variety that covers all of Japan.’

‘At this time they aren't firing at me, I suppose due to tree cover, but I am unable to consider that probability on halting.’

‘Two primary care trusts announced there would be an overhaul in arrangements for cover at Neighborhood hospitals.’

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